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ESPORA is the official electronic mail information and discussion list for SSPHS. Debate and discussion of all aspects of Iberian history and culture, in any chronological era, is welcome. Members also distribute news and information on their own and SSPHS activities and projects via ESPORA. The official languages are Castilian (Spanish), English, and Portuguese.  Messages are occasionally posted in other Iberian languages, French, German, and Italian, and members are encouraged to communicate in whichever language they are most comfortable.  List membership is open to anyone interested in Iberian history.
ESPORA replaces the original list, ESPORA-L, which was sponsored for many years by the University of Kansas.  ESPORA is sponsored by Idaho State University.  Jack Owens is the administrator of the list.

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Cambridge University and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya are organising a telemathic journal and an annual online conference on Catalan Studies. The list serves as an information sheet for the journal and as a medium for moderated discussion of the conference papers.
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Grupo de discusión académica de Historia de España Antigua, Medieval y del Derecho.  El objetivo de esta lista es dar acceso no sólo a los profesionales que se ocupan de las materias referidas directamente en el título de la misma, sino también a los especialistas en otras asignaturas cercanas, tales como romanistas, hebraístas o arabistas.
Una lista de correo sobre Historia de la Prensa Española e Hispanoamericana: Historia de la prensa o Histoprensa.Página principal:
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Historia a Debate


The aim of this network is to provide researchers with information about publications and congresses regarding the mediterranean area in modern and contemporary history. We strive to be a discussion space for researchers coming from different research fields. Instead of only promoting discussion about each single country, or only discussing the concept of mediterranean history, the aim is to facilitate circulation and confrontation of ideas, methods, and theories.
REDER nace de la iniciativa de un grupo interdisciplinar de 80 investigadores y profesores  de 10 países de Europa y América cuyo
propósito es el de difundir y estudiar el exilio republicano de 1939.

To subscribe: send e-mail to <>.  Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE REDER followed by your name.


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