Clear Communication Group
Jean C. Krause, PhD

We are interested in speech perception by normal hearing listeners and listeners with hearing loss, as well as the perception of American Sign Language and other English-based visual communication systems used in the education of the deaf. The work that we perform has practical applications for hearing aids, cochlear implants, and interpreting/transliterating services for deaf children.

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Join us at the Spring 2017 ASA meeting for a special session "Honoring the Contributions of Louis Braida to the Study of Auditory and Speech Perception":
June 25 at 1:35pm: "Factors affecting accuracy and intelligibility of transliterators who use Cued Speech" (Krause)

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From time to time, we will be looking for people to participate in our experiments. If you think you might be interested, please click here.

USF-CSD Doctoral Program

The University of South Florida offers a program of advanced studying in Communication Sciences and Disorders, leading to a PhD degree. Areas of study in the USF-CSD doctoral program include language and speech science, neurocommunicative science, and hearing science.
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