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Appendix B: Practice Test #1

Multiple Choice [One Answer Only]

Question 1

- 2/5 – (-1) =

a)   3/5
b) - 7/5
c) - 3/5
d) - 1/5

Question 2

(-5) × 1 1/5 =

a) - 5 1/5
b) - 6
c) - 25/6
d) - 6/25

Question 3

7.14 – 0.872 =

a) -1.58
b)   6.268
c)   8.012
d)   6.272

Question 4

5.76 × 1.8 =

a) 5.184
b) 103.68
c) 10.368
d) 9.368

Question 5

If 20 is decreased to 16, what is the percent decrease?

a)  5%
b)  8%
c) 20%
d) 25%

Question 6

What is the distance around this polygon in yards?

a)  3 yd
b)  6 yd
c) 12 yd
d) 18 yd

Question 7

What is the area of a square region that has a side of 7 cm?

a)  7 square cm
b) 14 square cm
c) 28 square cm
d) 49 square cm

Question 8

What is the volume of a right circular cylinder that has an end diameter of 4 cm and a length of 10 cm?

a) 10 p square cm
b) 20 p  cubic cm
c) 40 p square cm
d) 40 p  cubic cm

Question 9

Ö 3 + Ö 27 =

a) 4 Ö 3
b) Ö 30
c) 10 Ö 3
d) 6 Ö 3

Question 10


Ö 2

a) 5 Ö 2
b) 10
c) 5 Ö 2 / 4
d) 5 Ö 2 / 2

Question 11

1/2 - 3(1/6 + 2) =

a) - 1/3
b) - 65/12
c) - 5/6
d) - 6

Question 12

22,000 × 0.0014 =

a) 3.08
b) 30.8
c) 308
d) 3080

Question 13

2(x - 4) > 5x + 1

a) x < - 3
b) x > - 3
c) x < 3
d) x > 3

Question 14

The formula for finding the simple interest (I) on a loan is I=PRT. How much interest will Jack pay on his car loan if he finances $4000 (P) at a 10% simple interest rate (R) for 2 years (T)?

a) $8,000
b) $1,000
c) $800
d) $100

Question 15

Given the following function, find f(-2)
f(x) = 2x3 - x2 - x

a) -18
b) -16
c) -14
d)   2

Question 16

Find a linear factor of the following expression: 2x2 - 9x - 5

a)  x + 5
b) 2x + 1
c) 2x – 1
d)  x – 9

Question 17

Find the real roots of the equation: x2 – x – 3 = 0

a) 1 + Ö14 and 1 – Ö14


- 1 + Ö14 and - 1 – Ö14


1 + Ö13 and 1 – Ö13


- 1 + Ö13 and - 1 – Ö13


Question 18

The circle graph below indicates a yearly budget for a school carnival. Use the graph to find what percent of the carnival budget was spent on the raffle.

a) 10%
b) 17.5%
c) 70%
d) 82.5%

Question 19

What is the median of the following sample?

a) 5.5
b) 6
c) 6.5
d) 7

Question 20

A supermarket decides to test five different brands of butter. The market decides to compare each brand with the other brands by pairing together different brands. How many different pairs will result by selecting two different brands at a time?

a) 20
b) 10
c) 6
d) 5

Question 21

Sets A,B,C, and U are related as shown in the diagram. Which of the following statements is true, assuming none of the 8 regions is empty?

a) Any element which is a member of set B is also a member of set A.
b) No element is a member of all three sets A,B, and C.
c) Any element which is a member of set A is also a member of set U.
d) None of the above statements is true.

Question 22

22 + 32 =

a) (2 + 3)2
b) (2 + 3)4
c) (2 × 2) + (3 × 3)
d) (2 × 2)(3 × 3)

Question 23

Select the place value associated with the underlined digit. 2437.1

a) 101
b) 102
c) 103
d) 104

Question 24

100% =

a) .01
b) 0.1
c) 1
d) 10

Question 25

Identify the symbol that should be placed in the box to form a true statement.
.3 1/3

a) =
b) <
c) >

Question 26

Forty people attended a Broadway play. The most expensive ticket was 60 dollars. The least expensive ticket was 30 dollars. What is a reasonable estimate of the cost of all forty tickets?

a) $3600
b) $2400
c) $1800
d) $1200

Question 27

Which of the statements following the figure is true for the figure shown? (The notation "mÐA" indicates the measure of angle A.)

a) ÐQ is supplementary to ÐY
b) mÐW = 65°
c) mÐQ = 2 × mÐT
d) None of these statements is true.

Question 28

Which of the following is a straight angle?


Question 29

Study the figures A,B,C,D. Select the figure in which all triangles are similar.


Question 30

What type of measure is needed to find the volume of a cube?

a) linear
b) square
c) cubic
d) transverse

Question 31

Which statement below illustrates the associative property of addition?

a) 4 + a = a + 4
b) (n + 3) + 5 = n + (3 + 5)
c) (2 × 1/2a) = 1 × a
d) (b + c) × 3 = b(3) + c(3)

Question 32

For each of the three statements below, determine whether (2/5) is a solution.

i) y2 = 4/5
ii) 2x – 4/5 = 0
iii) 10y – 5 < 0
Which statement below identifies every statement that has 2/5 as a solution?

a) i only
b) ii only
c) iii only
d) ii and iii only

Question 33

Carol can drive her car 360 miles using 12 gallons of gasoline . Let g represent the gallons of gasoline used for a trip of 580 miles. Select the correct statement of the given condition.

a) 360 =

580 12

= 360

12 580

c) 360 = 580


= 360

580 12

Question 34

Which option gives the condition(s) that corresponds to the shaded region of the plane shown?

a) x < 2 and y > 2
b) x + y < 2
c) 2x + y < 2
d) 2x + 2y < 0

Question 35

In a history class, one-forth of the people scored 80 on a test. Half the people scored 70 on the test, with the rest of the people scoring 60. Which of the following statements is true about the distribution of test scores?

a) The mode and the mean are the same.
b) The mean and the median are not the same.
c) The mean is less than the median.
d) The mean is greater than the median.

Question 36

The plant manager of a large industrial plant needs to determine the future health care needs of the employees in the plant. Which of the following procedures would be most appropriate for obtaining a statistically unbiased sample of the workers at the plant?

a) Survey all those who check into the infirmary.
b) Ask for a random survey of workers throughout the plant.
c) Interview all the workers that handle hazardous material.
d) Call the retirees from the past two years.

Question 37

A fair coin is tossed three times. What is the probability of getting three heads?

a) 0.125
b) 0.25
c) 0.50
d) 0.75

Question 38

Select the statement that is a negation of the statement "If he works, then she will stay home."

a) If he does not work, then she will not stay home.
b) He works or she stays home.
c) He works and she does not stay home.
d) He works and she stays home.

Question 39

Select the statement that is logically equivalent to "If the weather breaks, then we can sail."

a) We can sail if the weather doesn't break.
b) We cannot sail if the weather doesn't break.
c) The weather doesn't break or we sail.
d) We can sail or the weather breaks.

Question 40

Given that:

i. No one who arrives after 8 p.m. will be admitted.
ii. All my family arrived together at 8:15 p.m.

Determine which conclusion can be logically deduced.

a) All of my family was admitted.
b) Some of my family was admitted.
c) None of my family was admitted.
d) None of these answers.

Question 41

All of the following arguments A - D have true conclusions, but one of the arguments is not valid. Select the argument that is NOT valid.

a) All birds can fly and Robin is a bird. Therefore, Robin can fly.
b) All alligators are green and Goliath is green. Therefore, Goliath is an alligator.
c) Some people are happy. All happy people like to laugh. Therefore, some people like to laugh.
d) Some trees are tall plants. All tall plants are expensive. Therefore, some trees are expensive.

Question 42

Look for a common linear relationship between the numbers in each pair. Then identify the missing term.

(4,1)  (7/2,1/2)  (3.4,0.4)  (8,5)  (- 4, __)

a) - 7
b) - 1/4
c) - 1
d)   1

Question 43

Select the property or properties of operation(s) illustrated in the equation: (4 + 5) × 3 = 4 × 3 + 5 × 3

a) (a + b)c = ac + ab
b) c(a × b) = ca + cb
c) a + (b + c) = ca + cb
d) (ab)c = (ac)b

Question 44

Study the given information. In the figure, a and b are the bases of a parallelogram.

Calculate the sum of the interior angles of a parallelogram if the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180°.

a)  90°
b) 120°
c) 240°
d) 360°

Question 45

Study the examples:

a4 # a2 = a2
a6 # a2 = a3
a8 # a4 = a2

Select the equation which is compatible with the data.

a) ax # ay = ax-y
b) ax # ay = ax-y-2
c) ax # ay = ax/y
d) ax # ay = ax-y+1

Question 46

Select the property used to justify the following statement.

   If 13x = 26, then x = 2

a) If ac = bc, then a = b
b) If a = b, then a + c = b + c
c) If a = b and b = c, then a = c
d) If a = b, then b = a

Question 47

Study the outcomes for tossing 1, 2, or 3 coins simultaneously.
1 coin 2 coins 3 coins
If four coins were tossed simultaneously, how many possible arrangements of heads and tails would there be?

a) 16
b) 12
c) 8
d) 4

Question 48

Read each of the following arguments. Then select the symbolic form of the reasoning pattern illustrated by both arguments.

If you finish your work, then you can go to the party.
You finish your work. Therefore, you can go to the party.

If you want to buy the car, you must get a loan.
You did buy the car. Therefore, you got the loan.

a) p ® q

\ ~ q

b) p ® q
~ q

\ ~ p

c) p ® q
~ p

\ ~ q

d) p ® q

\ q

Question 49

Select the rule of logical equivalence which directly (in one step) transforms statement "i" into statement "ii." i. If a number is less than ten it is less than 20. ii. If a number is not less than 20, it is not less than 10.

a) "If p, then q" is equivalent to "not (p and not q)."
b) "Not (p and q)" is equivalent to "not p or not q."
c) "If p, then q" is equivalent to "If not q, then not p."
d) The correct equivalence rule is not given.

Question 50

A florist shop offered free delivery on orders of $50 or more to one address and charged $5 for deliveries under $50. One delivery truck left with three arrangements for $100 each, 4 arrangements for $60 each, and 6 arrangements for $40 each. If each delivery was to a different address, how much money should the delivery driver have upon return. (Assume he left with no money.)

a) $845
b) $810
c) $780
d) $200

Question 51

By installing a new type of sprinkler head for watering her lawn, Joan was told that she would use only 70% as much water. The actual amount of water used to water the lawn before installation was 120 gallons. How much water did Joan save by installing the new sprinkler head?

a) 50 gal
b) 36 gal
c) 84 gal
d) 90 gal

Question 52

How many numbers leave a remainder of 3 when divided into 47 and a remainder of 2 when divided into 58?

a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

Question 53

How many gallons of water does a tank that is 10 feet by 5 feet by 10 feet hold, if there are appoximately 8 gallons of water in a cubic foot?

a) 400 gal
b) 1000 gal
c) 2000 gal
d) 4000 gal

Question 54

Which of the following is false for every nonzero integer, x?

a) 2x > 0
b) 2x < 0
c) 2x > 54
d) 2x = 0

Question 55

The odds against the candidate winning is 4:3. With these odds, what is the probability that the candidate will win the election?

a) 4/3
b) 3/4
c) 4/7
d) 3/7

Question 56

Study the information given below. If a logical conclusion is given, select that conclusion. If none of the conclusions is warranted, select the option expressing this condition.

  All tuna are fish. All fish have gills. Some fish is packed in cans. Therefore:

a) Tuna is packed in cans.
b) Tuna is not packed in cans.
c) Tuna does not have gills.
d) None of these conclusions is warranted.

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