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On-Line Practice Quiz

(Chapter 3 - Form B: Geometry and Measurement)

CLAST Geometry and Measurement Skills

Round measurements Calculate distance, area, and volume Identify relationships between angle measures Classify simple plane figures by recognizing their properties Recognize similar triangles and their properties Identify unity of measurement for geometric objects Infer formulas for measuring geometric figures Select applicable formulas for computing measures of geometric figures Solve real-world problems involving perimeters, areas, and volumes of geometric figures Solve real-world problems involving the Pythagorean property
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CLAST Math Geometry Practice Quiz

Multiple Choice [One Answer Only]

Question 1

Round 24.43 centimeters to the nearest centimeter.

a) 24.4 cm
b) 24 cm
c) 244 cm
d) 25 cm

Question 2

Round 4.326 grams to the nearest tenth of a gram.

a) 4.34 g
b) 4.4 g
c) 4.3 g
d) 4.33 g

Question 3

Find the distance around this polygon, in kilometers.

a) 325.8 km
b) 3258 km
c) 3.258 km
d) 32.58 km

Question 4

Find the distance around a circular flower bed that has radius of 6 feet.

a) 36 ft
b) 12 sq.ft
c) 12 ft
d) 25 ft

Question 5

What is the area of a circular region whose diameter is 16 centimeters?

a) 256
b) 16
c) 64
d) 32

Question 6

Find the surface area of a rectangular solid that is 20 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 7 inches high.

a) 1144 in.
b) 1044 sq. in.
c) 2240 sq. in.
d) 1144 sq. in.

Question 7

Find the volume in cubic centiliters of a 3.1- liter bottle.

a) 3.1 cubic cl
b) 31 cubic cl
c) 3100 cubic cl
d) 310 cubic cl

Question 8

Find the volume of a rectangular solid that is 11 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 9 inches high.

a) 598 in.
b) 990 sq. in.
c) 990 cu. in.
d) 1089 cu. in.

Question 9

What type of measure is needed to express the radius of the given circle?

a) linear
b) cubic
c) square
d) surface

Question 10

What type of measure is needed to express the area of the triangle shown below?

a) square
b) cubic
c) linear
d) surface

Question 11

What type of measure is needed to express the surface area of the solid rectangle shown below?

a) square
b) linear
c) cubic
d) equilateral

Question 12

Find the cost of carpeting an office that measures 12 feet by 24 feet if the carpet costs $15.50 per square yard.

a) $ 496.00
b) $ 4464.00
c) $ 744.00
d) $ 1488.00

Question 13

The outside dimensions of a picture frame are 3 feet by 29 inches. If its inside dimensions are 1 3/4 feet by 20 inches, find the area of the frame.

a) 624 in.2
b) 636 in.2
c) 57 ft2
d) 139 ft2

Question 14

A radio station is going to construct a 9-foot tower for a new antenna. The tower will be supported by three cables, each attached to the top of the tower and to points on the roof of the building that are 12 feet from the base of the tower. Find the total length of the three cables.

a) 15 ft
b) 45 ft
c) 60 ft
d) 75 ft

Question 15

The city commission wants to construct a new street that connects Main Street and North Boulevard as shown in the diagram below. The construction cost has been estimated at $100 per linear foot. Find the estimated cost for constructing the street.

a) $ 528,000
b) $ 67,600
c) $ 137,280
d) $ 13,728,000

Question 16

For each of the figures below, S represents the sum of the measures of the interior angles. Study the given information, then find S for a ten-sided polygon.

3 sides 4 sides 6 sides
1 triangle 2 triangle 4 triangles
S = 180 S = 360 S = 720

a) 1440
b) 1620
c) 1260
d) 1800

Question 17

Study the information given with the regular hexagons, then calculate the area of a regular hexagon with a side equal to 12.

area = area = 54 area =

a) 156
b) 216
c) 78
d) 108

Question 18

Study the regular hexagon, then select the formula for computing the total area of the hexagon.

a) A = 3hb
b) A = 3h + b
c) A = 6(h + b)
d) A = 6hb

Question 19

Study the figure, then select the formula for computing the total area of the figure.

a) A = 1/8L2 + LW
b) A = LW + W2
c) A = 1/4L2 + LW
d) A = LW + L2

Question 20

Study the trapezoid, then select the formula for computing the total area of the trapezoid.

B = b + x + y

a) A = b (B - x - y )h
b) A = 1/2 h( B + b)
c) A = b (B - x - y) + xh2
d) A = h (B + b)

Question 21

Identify the angle below.

a) straight
b) obtuse
c) acute
d) right

Question 22

Select the geometric figure that possesses all of the following characteristics:

i.   quadrilateral
ii.  diagonals are equal
iii. opposite sides are parallel

a) rectangle
b) parallelogram
c) trapezoid
d) rhombus

Question 23

Which statement is true for the figure shown? (The notation "mA" indicates the measure of angle A.)

a) mQ = 130º
b) P + Q = 180º
c) mW = 50º
d) mW = mV

Question 24

Which statement is true for the figure shown, given that L1 and L2 are parallel lines?

a) Since mT = 55º 
           mQ = 85º
b) mV = mR
c) None of the statements is true.
d) Since mT = 55º mS = 110º

Question 25

Study figures A, B, C, D. Then select the figure in which all triangles are similar.





Question 26

Which statement is true for the pictured triangles?

a) AC = 7.6
b) mz mw
c) mx = 40º
d) CE/CA = CB/CD

Question 27

Which statement is true for the pictured triangles?

a) mX = mY
b) CE/AD = AB/CB
c) mX = mZ
d) None of these statements

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