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Appendix C Practice Test Two
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Appendix C Practice Test #2

Multiple Choice [One Answer Only]

Question 1

-1/4 - (-3) =

a) -13/4
b) 2 3/4
c) -2 3/4
d) 1/2

Question 2

(-1/2) ÷ (-3/5) =

a) 6/5
b) 5/6
c) -6/5
d) -5/6

Question 3

-4.58 - 6.037 =

a) 1.457
b) 10.617
c) -10.617
d) -10.095

Question 4

14.46 ÷ 0.02 =

a) 723
b) 72.3
c) 7.23
d) 0.0723

Question 5

If 16 is increased to 20 what is the percent increase?

a) 4%
b) 8%
c) 20%
d) 25%

Question 6

What is the distance around a square field that is 6 km long?

a) 6 km
b) 12 km
c) 24 km
d) 36 km

Question 7

What is the area om a circular mirror whose diameter is 10 inches.

a) 10p square inches
b) 25p square inches
c) 20p square inches
d) 100p square inches

Question 8

What is the volume of a rectangular solid that has a length of 5 feet, width of 3 feet, and is 2 feet high?

a) 30 cubic feet
b) 10 cubic feet
c) 10 cubic yards
d) 6 square feet

Question 9

c) 6
d) 60

Question 10

a) 4 X 100

Question 11

4 + 2(1/2 + 3) =

a) 11
b) 9
c) 21
d) 8

Question 12

0.00682 ÷ 2,270,000 =

a) 3.00 x 102
b) 3.00 x 103
c) 3.00 x 10-9
d) 3.00 x 109

Question 13

2x - 3(x + 1) = 4x + 7

a) x = 2
b) x = -2
c) x = -6/5
d) x = 5/6

Question 14

The formula for distance (D) is D=RxT. Find the rate (R) of a train that went 120 miles in 3 hours (T).

a) 1/4 mph
b) 4 mph
c) 40 mph
d) 360 mph

Question 15

Find f(-1) given: f(x)= x3 - 2x + 3

a) -1
b) 0
c) 4
d) 6

Question 16

Which is a linear factor of the following expression? 12x2 + 5, - 2

a) 4x + 1
b) 3x - 2
c) x + 4
d) 3x + 2

Question 17

What are the real roots of this equation? 12x2 + 5x - 2

a) 4 and 1/4
b) 4 and -1/4
c) -2 and 1/2
d) 2 and -1/2

Question 18

The graph below represents the yearly average rainfall in inches for 1983-1987. Find the average rainfall for 1984.

a) 10 inches
b) 15 inches
c) 20 inches
d) 25 inches

Question 19

What is the mode of the following sample?

a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9

Question 20

From a group of 4 men and 5 women, one man and one woman will be selected to be head salespersons. In how many possible ways can the selection be made?

a) 1
b) 9
c) 20
d) 4

Question 21

Sets A,B,C, and U are related as shown in the diagram.
Which of the following statements is true, assuming none of the 3 regions is empty?

a) Any element which is a member of set B is also a member of set A.
b) Any element which is a member of set U is also a member of set A.
c) No element is a member of sets A and B.
d) No element is a member of sets U and A.

Question 22

(53)(23) =

a) (5+5+5)(2+2+2)
b) (5 x 3)(2 x 3)
c) (5 x 2)9
d) (5 x 5 x 5)(2 x 2 x 2)

Question 23

Select the base-ten equivalent of the given base-five numeral.      1210(base five)

a) 6050
b) 242
c) 180
d) 121

Question 24

11/25 =

a) 0.044
b) 0.44
c) 4.4%
d) .44%

Question 25

Identify the symbol that should be placed in the box to form a true statement.
     -1/2 1/4

a) =
b) <
c) >

Question 26

Fifty people gave money to a charity. The largest gift was $1000 and the smallest gift was $200. What is a reasonable estmate of the average gift to the charity?

a) $1100
b) $1000
c) $800
d) $600

Question 27

Which of the statements below the figure is true for the figure shown, given that L1 and L2 are parallel lines?

a) mÐC = 60º
b) ÐA is supplementary to ÐB
c) mÐA = 60º
d) mÐB = 60º

Question 28

In a rhombus, which of the following is not necessarily true?

a) All four sides are equal.
b) All four angles are equal.
c) The diagonals are perpendicular to each other.
d) The sum of the included angles is 360º.

Question 29

Which of the statements is true for the pictured triangles?

a) mÐB = mÐD
b) AF = AC
c) CG = FG
d) mÐD = 64º

Question 30

What type of measurement is needed to measure the length of a cylinder?

a) circular
b) cubic
c) square
d) linear

Question 31

What type of measurement is needed to measure the length of a cylinder?

a) circular
b) cubic
c) square
d) linear

Question 32

For each of the three statements below, determine whether (-3) is a solution.

        i. y + 3 = 0
       ii. 2, + 9 = 3
       iii. x2 - 9 = 0
Which statement below identifies every statement that has (-3) as a solution?

a) i only
b) ii only
c) iii only
d) All of these statements.

Question 33

Two machines can complete a 9 tasks every 6 hours. Let t represent the number of tasks these machines can complete in a 24-hour day. Select the correct statement of the given condition.

a) 9/6 = t/24
b) 6/9 = t/24
c) t/6 = 24/9
d) t/9 = 6/24

Question 34

Which option gives the condition(s) that corresponds to the shaded region of the plane shown?


a) x < 2 and y > 2
b) x + y < 2
c) 2x + y < 2
d) y - 2x < 2

Question 35

At a meeting, most of the people present were over six feet tall, with a very few less than six feet in height. Which of the following is true about the distribusion of individual height?

a) The mode and the mean are the same.
b) The mean and the median are the same.
c) The mean is greater than the median.
d) The mode is greater than the mean.

Question 36

A high school principal would like to determine the course prefereces of the students at her school. Which of the following procedures would be most appropriate for obtaining a statistically unbiased sample of the preferences of the students?

a) Randomly survey all the students at the school.
b) Ask the football team.
c) Interview the teachers.
d) Take a random sample of the past graduates.

Question 37

A box contains three red cubes, two blue cubes, and four green cubes. If two cubes are drawn at random from the box without replacement, wrat is the probability that both cubes are blue?

a) 3/9 x 2/8
b) 2/9 x 2/9
c) 2/9 x 1/8
d) 0

Question 38

Select the statement that is the correct negation of the statement "Jill is not shopping or Bob is not painting."

a) Jill is not shopping or Bob is not painting.
b) If Jill is shopping, then Bob is not painting.
c) Jill is shopping if Bob is painting.
d) Jill is not shopping and Bob is not painting.

Question 39

Select the statement that is NOT logically equivalent to "If the dog barks, then she fed him."

a) She fed him if the dog barks.
b) If she did not feed him, then the dog does not bark.
c) The dog does not bark or she fed him.
d) If the dog does not bark, then she did not feed him.

Question 40

Given that:
    i. Everyone who is guilty must be punished.
    ii. Garfield is not guilty.
Determine which conclusion can be logically deduced.

a) Garfield is not guilty.
b) Garfield is punished.
c) Everyone is not punished.
d) Garfield is guilty.

Question 41

All of the following arguments A-D have true conclusions, but one of the arguments is not valid. Select the argument that is NOT valid.

a) Some people pay taxes. All taxpayers grumble. Therefore, some people do not pay taxes.
b) Some lawyers arrive late to court. All late court arrivals must speak to the judge. Therefore, some lawyers speak to the judge.
c) All birds have wings. Some birds live in Africa. Therefore, some people grumble.

Question 42

Look for a common quadratic relationship between the numbers in each pair. Then identify the missing term.

    (2,4) (1,1) (1/2,1/4) (0.3, 0.09) (5, ___ )

a) 1/25
b) 2/5
c) 5
d) 25

Question 43

Select the property or properties of operation(s) that could be used to simplify the given numerical expression in the least number of computational steps.

    24 (1/24 x 89)

a) Commutative property of addition and the distributive property.
b) Distributive property only.
c) Associative property of multiplication only.
d) Distributive property and associative property of multiplication.

Question 44

Study the figure showing the expanded form of a geometrec solid and then study the cube. Use this information to find the formula for the surface area (SA) of a cube.

a) SA = s3
b) SA = s2
c) SA = 6s2
d) SA = 15s

Question 45

Study the examples:

   a2 # a3 = a6
   a3 # a4 = a12
   a3 # a2 = a6

Select the equation which is compatible with the data.

a) ax # ay = ax-y
b) ax # ay = ax-y-2
c) ax # ay = (ax)y
d) ax # ay = ax/y

Question 46

Select the property used to justify the following statement.
If 2x = 1, then x = 1/2.

a) If a = b, then ab = a2.
b) If a = b, then a + c = b + c.
c) If a = b and b = c, then a = c.
d) a x 1/a = 1

Question 47

Study the examples illustrating ways of combining objects three at a time.
How many three-member combinations can be formed from a set containing six objects?

a) 12
b) 15
c) 18
d) 20

Question 48

Read each of the following arguments. Then select the symbolic form of the reasoning pattern illustrated by both arguments.

  Todd or Gary paid the cashier. Todd did not pay. Therefore, Gary must have paid.
  The fire truck is red or lime green. The truck is not red. Therefore, it is lime green.

a)   pic48a    b)   

c)       d)   

Question 49

Select the rule of logical equivalence which directly (in one step) transforms statement "i" into statement "ii".

    i. Not all people are happy.
    ii. Some people are not happy.

a)"if p, then q" is equivalent to "not(p and not q)."
b) "Not(p and q)" is equivalent to "not(p and not q)."
c) "Not(not p)" is equivalent to "p."
d) "Not all are p" is equivalent to "some are not p."

Question 50

A student went to the bookstore to purchase textbooks for the upcoming semester. She had three textbooks to sell as used books which were valued at $12 each. She purchased four books: one for $60, one for $40, and two books for $25 each. She also returned a $45 book for a course that was cancelled. What was the total bill?

a) $231
b) $150
c) $81
d) $69

Question 51

By bringing her own lunch, Samantha found she could save 65% of her weekly lunch budget. If her lunch budget was $45 a week, how much money could she save?

a) $20
b) $29.25
c) $45
d) $20.25

Question 52

Find the smallest positive multiple of 3 which leaves a remainder of 4 when divided by 5 and a remainder of 3 when divided by 7.

a) 9
b) 18
c) 24
d) 48

Question 53

How many cubic yards of concrete are in a concrete slab that is 10 feet long by 8 feet wide by 4 inches thick.

a) About 1/4 cubic yards
b) About 1/2 cubic yards
c) About 1 cubic yard
d) About 2 cubic yards

Question 54

The sum of two whole numbers is known to be even. Which of the following statements is true about these two numbers?

a) Both of the numbers may be even.
b) One of the numbers is odd.
c) The difference between the two numbers is odd.
d) Only one of the numbers is even.

Question 55

The odds for rain are 5:2. With these odds, what is the probability that it will rain?

a) 2/5
b) 5/2
c) 5/7
d) 2/7

Question 56

Study the information given below. If a logical conclusion is given, select that conclusion. If none of the conclusions is warranted, select the option expressing this condition.

    If you get a loan you can buy the house. If you own a home you pay taxes.
    You own a home and don't pay taxes. Therefore:

a) you get a loan
b) you don't owe taxes
c) you lose the loan
d) None of these conclusions is warranted.

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