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Geophysics Research Group

We use geophysical field studies and theoretical numerical experiments to address a wide range of geological, hydrogeological, and volcanological questions.  Our common focus as a group is the suite of geophysical methods we use:  seismology, magnetics, gravity, near-surface seismics, electromagnetics, resistivity, SP, ground penetrating radar, and others.  Our studies range in scale from a few meters (for example high-resolution imaging of sinkholes) to regional investigations of volcano seismicity and structure. 

Faculty                Students                                           

Chuck Connor         Mikel Diez , Armando Saballos

Sarah Kruse           Swagata Guha, Joseph van Gaalen,

                             Leah Knapton, Peter Bumpus

Diana Roman          Heather Lehto                         

Mark Stewart         Darlene Lott, Francis Eshun

Paul Wetmore        Adam Springer, Sean Callihan  

Mark Rains             Christina Stringer

Research Projects

Near-Surface Investigations of Coastal Morphology and Hydrogeology

Numerical and Field Studies of Ground Penetrating Radar Wave Propagation

Km-Scale Profiling of Volcano Tephra, Surge and Lahar Deposits

Analysis of Source Processes of Volcanic Seismicity

Investigation and Modeling of Stress Field Perturbations Triggered by Magma Migration


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