University of South Florida

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We like talking about our research/education efforts to anybody who is interested. 

Below are some of our outreach projects.

Held two workshops for Hillsborough County Public School high school teachers who wanted to learn more about bioinformatics and how to incorporate this information into their classes.

Co-taught a 4-day workshop at Hiram College to assist professors interested in incorporating exercises using genome-informed tools into their lab classes.

Brad is our science education hero.  He is a professor at Hiram College and he totally rocks.  Click here.

Was part of a team to develop an online genome annotation tool that is currently being used by  postsecondary students at a variety of institutions to annotate microbial genomes

Co-taught a 4-day workshop to assist professors selected from colleges and universities worldwide in the implementation of bioinformatics-related curriculum innovations.   

Summer Genomics Workshop, 2008 and 2009

Emulation of Brad Goodner in general